Call "Aggregazioni R&S"

The Call intends to contribute to the competitiveness and economic growth of the Valle d'Aosta area by generating positive effects on the quality of the research system and on the growth and employment of businesses and, in particular, to:

  • enhance and strengthen the entire research chain and cooperation between research centers and companies, as well as between companies, especially between large and small ones;
  • foster collaboration and knowledge transfer between research centers and businesses;
  • provide employment prospects, especially for young people.
The announcement constitutes application of the regional law 7 December 1993, n. 84, "Regional interventions in favor of research and development", and establishes the conditions, criteria, methods and any other fulfillment or aspect relating to the granting of grants.

P&F: Development of a thermal inkjet platform for material deposition and fluid formulation

The project will take place in collaboration with ThallosJet   and involves the development of a thermal inkjet printer for microdeposition of functional fluids.

The characteristics of the microdeposition printer have been defined on the needs of Polytechnics and Research Centers that have shown interest in the technology, an example are the micrometric positioning for the substrate to be printed and the possibility of isolation from the surrounding environment to avoid contamination and pollution; the machine can also house and manage several heads separately and in this it will be unique in the world.
The project is completed with the study and formulation of a range of ejection fluids containing the most diverse materials. These experiences will allow to prepare functionalized fluids, or simply the formulation base, at the request of the researchers or to support them if they want to prepare them in the laboratory.