Who we are

The idea of ​​creating a business on its own is born from the desire of two friends to put at the service of a company their own know-how gained in 20 years of employee work. 

The sector in which PeakJet will operate is that of digital printing, screen printing, industrial pad printing, specialist printing and additive deposition (3D printing using Inkjet technology), aimed at markets such as the medical, aerospace, scientific, food, textile sectors.

Starting from 2 existing ink-jet printing platforms, one with "Piezo ink jet" technology and the other "Thermal ink jet", to which PeakJet has access, it is intended to search for new innovative applications, develop processes and new versions of printers suitable for the application, trying to put together, where possible, parts (HW, SW, FW) already available on the current platforms.

The printers produced, allow a high customization especially as regards the field of application.

The customization can be developed on different elements:

  • Type of ink, which may vary depending on the material on which to print (paper, wood, polystyrene, ...), or depending on the printing applications (food, food contact, encoding, ...)

  • Printer size: the print format is defined according to some known parameters, so the customization of formats different from the standard ones (A1 and A3) is facilitated by the scalability of the parts without the performance being affected.

  • Printer movement on 2 or 3 axes: X, Y axes and in the case Z axis to adapt to additive deposition or printing on supports of different heights.

  • Ink deposit control: an exclusive advantage of our product is a proprietary SW that transforms an image to be printed into a digital format that perfectly copies the deposition grid of the nozzles of the head. In this way the quantity of ink deposited per unit of surface is directly controlled with the advantage of less dispersion of the ink, of a controlled and time-varying deposition, of a precise arrangement of the drops in the X and Y coordinates.

This ability to integrate and customize the platform on both the hardware, software and ink sides, which few companies in the world can boast in the InkJet field, is an added value that PeakJet makes available to its customers.