Scientific Applications and Additive Manufacturing


The system suitable for research & developments requiring fluid jetting ability, is a flatbed unit with dedicated firmware and software, giving to the user the ability to control the jetting parameters in order to optimize the process to a specific and unconventional fluid.

PeakJet is also proud to work in strong synergy with ThallosJet, a team of Chemical Engineers with high expertise on developing inks
and fluids even based on conductive materials, oxides, insulators or biological materials such as cells, DNA chains, markers….

On the basis of their experience, they can formulate a new fluid accordingly to your specifications or collaborate with the you in developing the fluid.

It is, in fact, essential for the liquids to have physical/fluidic characteristics compatible with the printheads, as well as being suited to each particular need.

Several innovative research applications set great importance to the controlled material deposition as Printed electronics, Photovoltaics, Displays, Additive manufacturing, Biological studies and analyses (Lab-on-Chip), Precise medical drugs dosing.