Global marking&coding systems market is estimated to attain a size of about $4,000.00 million in 2018 and is projected to witness a CAGR of 6.9% during 2019-2023. The growing application of marking&coding systems for printing labels, government identification codes, batch numbers, and other information on primary as well as secondary packages in industries such as food and beverage,
automotive, chemical, semiconductor and electronics, healthcare, and construction, is driving the growth of the coding and marking systems market, globally.

The major trends identified in the global marking&coding market are the emergence of environment-friendly coding technologies and the growing demand for anti-counterfeit marking&coding on packages in industries such as food and beverage, and automotive.

Aside the technologies adopted from the beginning for marking, coding and variable data printing, such as continuous inkjet, laser, print & apply TTR labellers, valve jet and hot-melt ink jet, the thermal inkjet found attractive market spaces starting from the pharma industry to extend where requirements were more complex, with the introduction of new inks more suitable for all surfaces to be printed and also featuring security characteristics (UV sensitive or chemical markers)

Thermal inkjet perfectly fits the up-to-date mkt requirements: it is clean and safe. The ink formulations are mostly water or alcohol based and the quantity of ink required for a job is always quite insignificant environmentally wise.

The Hewlett Packard technology, well-proven and well-known, supports inks for a variety of applications with its disposable printheads where the easy PH swap is a must, where it’s mandatory to avoid contaminations or where the ease of use is premium.

A convenient off line ink feeding system can be adopted in case of high productivity task with the same ink: cost per print will improve same as the material to be disposed. 

All kinds of products have to be marked and printed on with for example lot number, best before date or other information.